My life isn't how I was expecting it to be when I was younger, and i'm perfectly ok with that. I used to imagine at my age I would be living in a New York high rise with my best friend going to cocktail parties every weekend. Now I live on a beach away from all my childhood friends. I grew up in a very normal and loving family environment with two older sisters and a younger brother who I cherish more than anything. Growing up in Washington state was such an adventure, from a beautiful small farm to a tiny suburb, I grew to love the Pacific Northwest (despite it's reputation for god awful weather). After graduating from high school/college I decided I needed a major life change after a string of misfortunate events. I ended up moving across the country to Destin Florida where I had the time of my life doing henna tattoos on the beach and meeting the most interesting people. 

Not soon after I found myself working in a lovely coffeehouse in Seaside (Amavida Coffee, which I highly recommend popping in if you're in the area). After a year in Destin, wanting to see more I packed up and headed down to my current home in St Petersburg FL. I constantly get bored with where I live so I'd like to change it up every year or so. I spend most of my time exploring my city, taking pictures, and journaling. My biggest fear is and has always been wasting my youth. Spending too much time content and not enough time exploring cities, food, culture, human minds, dreams, space, it's just endless the amount of things there are to do, to not be doing. Find beauty in the unnoticed and humor in the dull. Life seriously is spectacular.