How To Get Motivated And Stay Motivated

We all have goals, weather they are small every day tasks, lifestyle changes, or even larger more long term goals. It's always easy to set a goal or create a to do list, but how do you motivate yourself to to follow through and feel good about your accomplishments? For the longest time I would set goals for myself for example; eat healthier, drink more water, go to bed early, take more pictures, exercise more etc. I could go on and on, there seemed to be a never ending amount of changes I wanted to make happen to better my self. Although I had a clear idea of how I wanted my life to look and had things I wanted to do to change, I could never seem to follow through for more than a few days which would in turn get me so discouraged that I ended up in a worse place mentally than I was before.

The truth is, it IS hard to get motivated if you really aren't feeling it. But thats ok! What I found to be the biggest roadblock and why it was so hard to keep on track was how vague my goals were. Drink more water, how many glasses? Go to bed early, but what time? Take more pictures, but how many? Its extremely important to have a precise game plan that you can follow so you can see how close you're coming to reaching your goal. For example if my goal is to "take more pictures" a better version of that goal would be "take ten pictures each day" this way you have a way to measure your progress. At the end of your day record how many pictures you took (even if it was only two, don't feel bad you have to start somewhere). The next day make your goal to take more than two and just keep going with it until you finally reach your ultimate goal of ten pictures a day. This is just an example but the same simple technique will work for any task no matter how huge and scary. Celebrate your progress no matter how small and remember to not beat yourself up if you don't change overnight. Tiny daily progress is much easier to sustain than a darastic overnight change.